Colorful houses at the seashore in Cape Town

Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town was the first town established by the Dutch after their arrival on the continent in 1652. Today it boasts nearly 4 million inhabitants from over 30 nations. The pure energy that comes from the mixture of various cultures simply oozes out of every corner of this pulsating city. Visit the strikingly beautiful district of Bo-Kaap where many Indonesian immigrants settled, walk the historical streets of the downtown district, get spoiled at the shoppers’ paradise in the old port of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, have dinner at one of the Sea Point’s restaurants and finish the day with visiting the Table Mountain, one of the world’s seven wonders of nature. Watching the sunset from the top of Table Mountain is considered one of the most romantic experiences ever.
Two zebras are standing next to each other looking to the left, in the background stands the Eland antelope

Safari and animals

Everybody’s heard of Kruger National Park, the oldest national park in Africa, but if you’d rather explore a more relaxing safari without worrying about malaria, the options abound. We recommend exploring one of the exclusive safari parks of the Cape Country or the Addo Elephant National Park which is home for the largest number of elephants south of the equator. Spend time with these social animals which emanate almost human feelings, look in the face of zebras, gazelles, antelopes, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, jackals and hyenas. Not enough? There are other parks like Etosha in Namibia, Chobe in Botswana, Pilanesberg, Hluhluwe in South Africa and many more.
White, large bird with spread wings, hanging in the air

Okavango Delta (Botswana)

You may remember from your geography class that rivers, when they reach the sea, often diverge into several outlets creating something called a delta, as in the case of Ganges which flows into the Indian Ocean. The Okavango River, however, seems a bit stubborn and rather than flow west towards the Atlantic Ocean, it travels inland to end with a delta that provides water for the local flora. See dozens of African animal species which adapted to living on the edge of water and land: lions and other predators, antelopes and giraffes, all of them surrounded by the magic of the African sun. The nearby Chobi National Park is a great place for a dry land safari.
Vineyards on a hill in South Africa, view from a distance

Vineyards (South Africa)

The first vineyard (Groot Constantia) was established in 1685 after the French Huguenots settled there. In 1688 the wine already reached such top quality, that Napoleon Bonaparte during his banishment on St. Helena, ordered his wine only from the vicinity of Cape Town as it guaranteed the best taste. The immediate neighborhood of the city boasts three wine regions with more than three hundred vineyards. Some of them have been producing wine nonstop since the end of the 17th century. South African wines have been number one in Sweden for many years now, and they’re the second most popular wines in the United Kingdom. Wine tasting typically includes five different wines, sometimes served with cheeses, salami or chocolate. It’s always included in the price of the trip which is quite unusual for South Africa.
Male surfer stands on the beach near the ocean shore, where there are big waves

Beaches and the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa)

In one of its rankings, the National Geographic magazine placed Cliffton as the second most beautiful beach in the world. Apparently, they didn’t spend too much time exploring the area. The broad beach of Noordhoek, Sandy Bay in Llandudno or Boulders Beach in Simons Town – the only beach in the world where you can swim with penguins are commonly considered as more attractive. The roads between the beaches are so spectacularly cut into sheer cliffs and so breathtakingly beautiful, that driving there is a tourist attraction in itself. Visit Chapman’s Peak Drive, a road so beautiful that even the speed limit of 40 km/h seems excessive. Check out the ostrich farm and the Cape of Good Hope with groups of baboons and rare mountain zebras. With a bit of luck, you might see the shadow of the “Flying Dutchman” in the distant horizon.
A soaring bird flies over a waterfall

Tsitsikamma and the Garden Route

Imagine Norwegian fjords covered with jungle, in tropical temperatures, and with African animal species. Not so easy, is it?
But they do exist. The Garden Route, with its fantastic Tsitsikamma National Park is just that and more. Visit the Wilderness with its lakes and the empty, almost cosmic beach. Shop in Knysna, the Venice of Africa, with a beautiful forest and an elephant park nearby. Go to Heads and let your soul enjoy the views almost out of this world, where ocean waves roaringly strike against the high cliffs. Bungie jump off the highest bridge in the world (216 meters), go water rafting down the wild Storms River, and then relax on the empty beaches in Plettenberg where, during the season, you can enjoy the singing of the whales which arrive there to give birth to their young. You will experience relaxation that will exceed your wildest dreams. Visit the Cango Caves – one of the largest caves in the world. Go to one of the ostrich farms in Oudtshoorn, where some descendants of Polish Jews made a fortune selling ostrich feathers which all the respectable 19th century ladies wanted to attach to their fashionable hats. If you weigh less than 75 kg, you can even ride an ostrich.
Blue stones rounded by water lying on the beach, close-up shot

The Cango Caves (South Africa)

One of the five most spectacular cave complexes ever discovered on this planet with new passages still being discovered today. This adventure is for people who are brave and have flexible bodies. This is the warmest large cave in the world.
Rock in the ocean at Cape Agulhas

Agulhas – The Cape of the Needles (South Africa)

A place where two oceans come together. You might never be more to the south than that. If you want to check the difference between the warm Indian Ocean and the Atlantic – that’s the place to be.
Our offer includes a few wonderful national parks with the oldest one on the continent, the Kruger National Park, which is twice the size of Cyprus. If you want to steer away from practically the only malaria region on the continent, visit the second largest Addo National Park, a gorgeous reserve that’s relatively close to Cape Town (810 km). That’s where you can have an eye-to-eye with the wonders of nature like wild African elephants, lions, leopards, gazelles, zebras, buffaloes, warthogs, hyenas, vultures, ostriches, several kinds of antelopes, black rhinos and hundreds bird species.
A soaring bird flies over a waterfall

Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

The Zambezi River, which defines the border between the southern part of the continent that is drawn to European ideals and the “real Africa” north of it, creates a huge zig-zag tectonic crack right in the middle of the relatively even terrain of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s a real wonder of nature in the form of the widest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls. The classical hotels on both sides of the border offer the taste of the old colonial times. Ask as about how wide the falls is and when it has water. The nearby services include romantic river cruises, safari in the neighboring national parks, walking safaris to meet rhinos. Visit the Livingstone Island to have a traditional English tea. Go to Devils Pool and Angels Pool where you will find yourself right next to an over a hundred meters tall cliff and the edge of the falls. Take a helicopter ride.
The African predator sits on rusty, Namibian rocks in full sun


Set your feet on the sandy dunes of the Namib desert. Visit Windhoek, the country’s capital and walk the Hermann Goering street. Visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop, a town hidden in the sands of the desert and its great red dunes, a unique attraction you won’t see anywhere else.

Vacation with a thrill – Special Offer

two divers with equipment


The southern part of the country is famous for an unusual attraction: cage diving with sharks. We are not talking about tiger sharks or smooth hammerheads. We are talking about the biggest shark predators which Americans call man eaters. Yes, the great white sharks. Read up on the “Shark Alley” and find out why celebrities from all over the world travel to South Africa to face their biggest fears there. Brad Pitt, Princes Harry and William are among them.
In the nearby town of Hermanus, in the season that extends from August to November, you also see whales which arrive there at that time to enjoy the warmer waters of the southern African coast.
Vineyards between rusty mountain ranges in southern Africa

The highest bungee jumping in the world! Zip lines and other attractions

In the proximity of the Tsitsikamma National Park on the Bloukrans River, you will find the largest single-span concrete bridge in South Africa which has been popular among bungie jumpers for many years now. It is the tallest commercial bungie jumping bridge in the world with the impressive height of 216 meters. The security measures in place and the number of daredevils from around the world are also impressive. Without reservation you might have to wait for your turn to jump even up to 48 hours. The price is $100 per person with the option to buy a DVD with the recording of your jump. South Africa is also known for some spectacular zip-lines that are either attached to two trees or go above some precipitous cliffs or between mountain peaks. You can also enjoy paragliding, skydiving, packrafting down the rapid streams, mountain kayaking, black water tubing and many other attractions for the adrenaline lovers. All you have to do is tell us what you’re into, and we will do the rest.
Two tigers touch their noses, one tiger stands, the other tiger lies next to the bushes

Lions and other predators

In the Cape Town area there are a few smaller parks inhabited by white lions, leopards, and cheetahs – the fastest land animals reaching the speeds of 120 km/h and more. It’s a good idea to visit one of the local safari parks like Aquila, which was recently visited by Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, or the exclusive Shamwari, which hosted George Clooney and Angelina Jolie. Visit a crocodile farm to look in the eyes of these deadly predators.
Helicopters landing on the golf course


Southern Africa is famous for its very old golf courses designed by some of the mega stars of this exclusive sport such as Gary Player or Jack Nicklaus. Sun City, Arabella, Royal Blackheath or Pearl Valley are very well known amongst some the most famous golf players in the world. Visit us and why not join the pleasure of a round of 18 holes with a meal in one the best restaurants and wine estates of the African continent in the Franschhoek Valley?