Agulhas – The Cape of the Needles

A place where two oceans come together. You might never be more to the south than that. If you want to check the difference between the warm Indian Ocean and the Atlantic – that’s the place to be.
Our offer includes a few wonderful national parks with the oldest one on the continent, the Kruger National Park, which is twice the size of Cyprus. If you want to steer away from practically the only malaria region on the continent, visit the second largest Addo National Park, a gorgeous reserve that’s relatively close to Cape Town (810 km). That’s where you can have an eye-to-eye with the wonders of nature like wild African elephants, lions, leopards, gazelles, zebras, buffaloes, warthogs, hyenas, vultures, ostriches, several kinds of antelopes, black rhinos and hundreds bird species.

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