About us

Do you think you’ve seen everything already?


I’m a Pole who fell in love with the cosmic beauty of South Africa’s southern regions and I’m not leaving here soon. I’ve been writing about Cape Town for a few years now on the SkyscraperCity online forum where I have to stand against some awful stereotypes that recklessly spread in Poland about this beautiful and colorful country. I also get involved in blogging and vlogging.


Following the great interest in the subject, the idea of Caress Africa was born. We organize highly personalized holidays for small groups giving our clients the control over their vacation plan and the flexibility to change it on location. These holiday plans are for those who have had enough of commercial holidays and annual trips to the crowded beaches of Egypt, Turkey or Tunisia.


The southern parts of Africa are stunningly beautiful and so saturated with all kinds of natural beauty that you will have a hard time believing your eyes. I am of the opinion that everyone should experience this magical world at least once in their lifetime and experience some soul cleansing at it. The views, landscapes, animals and – most importantly – happy, kindhearted people make Cape Town and the surroundings seem more like Paradise than Earth.


You don’t believe me? Come – we will show places so beautiful that you will be leaving with a big smile on your face. There is plenty to see! Most people who have visited South Africa once can’t imaging not returning at some point, that’s how much they liked it.


I recommend visiting the peaceful and tolerant yet cosmopolitan Cape Town. You will think you’re on a different planet. Plus, you will be living in a little eccentric boutique guest house where art, philosophical discussions and good books abound.


What makes us different from the others? No hidden costs. It is very unusual that all of the tickets, fees, wine tasting events and even tips are included in the price, so all you have to worry about is your plane tickets, shopping and, depending on the arrangements, your lunches and dinners.



We recommend visiting other African counties as well, like magical Botswana, beautiful Zimbabwe and Zambia, unforgettable Namibia or Madagascar. They say that life originated in Africa, so why not visit humanity’s home?


Visit the island of St. Helena where Napoleon reached his old age. Relax in Mauritius and fall in love with Lesotho’s Mountain of the Dragons. Taste the world’s best prawns in the capital of Mozambique.